Epoxy Concrete Sealers

Posted: 24th July 2012 by admin in Concrete Sealers
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You hear a lot about epoxy sealers – they are strong, they are durable, they protect your concrete. What most people don’t realize is they can do more harm than good – especially if you don’t apply them correct.

Epoxies can’t be used where hydrostatic pressure is present and epoxies can’t stop water. They can trap moisture under the surface but eventually the moisture will break through – causing the epoxy to flake and peel. If you are going to use an epoxy, you want to use a penetrant sealer as a base coat. The most common sealer is a sodium silicate – silicates increase the adhersion of epoxy by up to 20%. This is very common amongst contractors – they use penetrating sealers to gain maximum strength and block subterranean moisture intrusion and topical sealers for long lasting decorative appeal.

You can use a one-part or two-part epoxy. Just make sure the epoxy can be used over a water based sealer – which most epoxies can.

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