Best Epoxy Concrete Sealers

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The two main types of epoxy concrete sealers are epoxy paint and epoxy coatings. They are essentially both coatings, but companies have chosen to market them differently to appeal to different markets.

  • Epoxy Paint: Epoxy paint is typically a low solids, pre-mixed (1 part) epoxy that goes on like a paint.
  • Epoxy Coating: Epoxy coatings are typically high solids, 2-part coatings that require the surface of the concrete to be acid etched or ground before application.
Epoxy Paint Epoxy Coatings
1 Part 2 Part
Applies Like a Paint Requires Surface Prep
No resistance to oil, gas, or chemicals Resistant to oil, gas, chemicals
Moisture will cause it to peel Will reduce moisture vapor transmission
Can’t be used as a primer Can be used as a primer or complete system
Low Solids High Solids


Epoxy paints and epoxy coatings both contain epoxy resins, but the variance in the level of solids leads to performance differences between the two. If you have a garage floor that is used to park cars, and you don’t have any issues with water, moisture, or oil spills, then an epoxy paint may be ok. Epoxy paints apply like a paint, and also function like one. They will be very similar to paint in terms of performance, maintenance, and life.

Best Epoxy Paints:

Epoxy coatings are more industrial. They will bond better, perform better, and last longer. The higher the solids, the less breathable the epoxy which is why many 40%+ solids solutions are used to help reduce moisture vapor transmission. Most epoxy coatings offer some resistance to oil and gas, chemicals, water, and hot tire pickup.

Best Epoxy Coatings:


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