Best Concrete Driveway Sealers

The three best concrete driveways are silicate concrete sealers, silane-siloxane concrete sealers, and acrylic concrete sealers. Silicate concrete sealers and silane-siloxane concrete sealers work entirely below the surface without changing the look or color of the driveway, and acrylic sealers leave behind a visible surface film that enhances the driveway with a wet look, gloss, or colored finish.

Silicate Concrete Sealers Water Repellent Concrete Sealers Acrylic Concrete Sealers
Won’t change the look of the concrete Won’t change the look of the concrete Enhances with a wet look or gloss
Works entirely below the surface Works entirely below the surface Leaves a visible surface film
Lasts forever Lasts 7-10 years Lasts 1-5 years
Increase strength of concrete Repels surface water Protects surface against staining
Reduces dusting and spalling Reduces staining and deterioration Stops dusting, staining, deterioration
Can only be used on cured concrete Can be used on cured and uncured concrete Can be used on cured and uncured concrete

If you don’t want to change the look or color of your concrete driveway, the best concrete driveway sealer to use is a Silane-Siloxane water repellent sealer. Water repellent concrete sealers will reduce the absorption of water and other liquids by up to 95%, reducing staining, cracking, spalling, and freeze thaw damage. Densifiers are great for increasing the strength of the concrete, but they don’t reduce deterioration or staining caused by water. If you need an increase in strength, you want to use a densifier followed ┬áby a water repellent sealer a week later.

If you want a wet look, low gloss, high gloss, or colored finish, then you want an acrylic sealers. Acrylics sealers will enhance the concrete driveway, and protect it against staining and deterioration.


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